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Friday, July 2, 2010

17 Days and Counting

So here I am, sitting on my couch, looking at these funny symbols that constitute an entire communicative system for the country, or kingdom rather, that I will be living in for the next 27 months.
So, this is what has engulfed my life for the past three weeks, not including work...
Sua s'dy! Niak soksaa-buy dtay? - "Hello! How are you doing?"

To give you a better idea of where I'm going:


Yup, about 44 in. of rain more per year than in Arizona.

Maybe I'll see some of these:

and maybe I'll see some of this:

Time will tell, and I'll be sure to update you with as much as I can as often as I can.

Here's a list of vaccinations required before/given:



-Hep B






-Hep A

-Japanese Encephalitis

-Rabies (if needed)

-Malaria medication (may cause hallucination)

Talk to you soon...



  1. Hey Garrett!
    I'll be joining you in Cambodia :] wanted to say hello and I am excited to meet you in San Francisco!

  2. Hey Jane!
    That's excellent! Hello, and I'm excited to meet you as well! 16 days!