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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Couple of Photos from My PSI Tech Exchange

This little girl was with her family at a Mobile Video Unit presentation about birth control.
She's probably pretty happy that her parents hadn't seen this video nine years ago.

This kid just showed up to see what was going on while we were setting up.

"Oh no!!! What's going to happen next?!"

This little boy on the left was probably the happiest, most cooperative kid I worked with the whole ten days.

The caption for this was: "Women happy to live their lifestyle"
I couldn't get them to stop laughing...perfect.

This woman is just gorgeous and was so photogenic. The literal translation for photogenic in Khmer is "eat camera".
She sells chicken in the market.

We needed some shots of unhappy families, and this little girl was less than thrilled about something, but it seemed to work in our benefit.

...and this is me, incorrectly lifting these weights. I'm surprised I didn't throw my back out. Props to you Chris, whose weights these belonged to; he wants to add another weight...

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