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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Community Health Education Manual

So, this weekend, a couple of PCVs and I got together in Phnom Penh to work on the future health manual for Community Health Education (CHE) Volunteers in Cambodia. Our first meeting was meant to take an hour just to shape out how our meeting on Saturday was going to follow. However, for the best, the meeting unexpected burst open with ideas and way to shape and define this manual. Friday's pre-meeting lasted an hour and a half to two hours and Saturday's meeting lasted about four and a half. We have everything prepared for our presentation for our Health Technical In-Service Training (IST). I put together a sample manual that showcased one or two examples for each section of the manual. The document is 41 pages in length! That's crazy! It seems this will be a pretty heavy thing to carry around once its done, hence its original name: Community Health Education in Electronic Resources (or CHEERS). Anyhow, we have a LOT of work a head of us, but a great group of eleven or so people contributing to this. It's really going to be something else, and it's really pleased me to see the amount of effort that has gone into this project from the people involved.

In other news: No one's perfect. Ohio St. lost. Not only were they defeated being a No. 1 team, team, but they were defeated by the same team who deafeated them in football (while at No. 1).

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