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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Meeting People from Around the World

So, it's fun to meet people from around the world in your town, wherever that may be. It seems it may be a novelty to be able to say "I met this guy from Nigeria today!" However, after traveling a lot around Cambodia, meeting people countless people from countless places. At some point, they're no longer South African, Thai, or Lebanese; they're just people with fascinating stories and interesting this to say. I recently met a bloke from the UK who served as an aid worker in Pakistan and before that, in Haiti. He had a myriad (Yes. "Myriad" can be used in this way) of tales to tell, but he was more curious about commonalities and habits in the U.S. along side wondering what I'm doing here in the Peace Corps and what my future goals and aspirations. It's a very simple idea, but these basic conversation with myriad people (I tried to switch it up) about what our lives are like make us better, more knowledeable, more prepared people in so many ways. You begin to realize that the world isn't just like Tucson or Phoenix or New York or Los Angeles. It's something far far greater when thought of as a whole with its brilliant differences and countless theories about how life is and should be lived. So, the next time you're out in town or traveling, go talk to someone new and learn something you didn't know before. Gain a new perspective. Talk to you soon, Garrett

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