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Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Emergency Box

The Emergency Box.

I walk into the health center the other day and see what appears to be a donation box. It had "Emergency Box" written on it in Khmer. Hmmm. This must be for emergencies, clearly. If you have an emergency, well by jove, you've got the box, right? No problem.

So, I ask: "What's that for?" My health center director replies, "Oh, it's an emergency box." I think (and out loud [in English]), "Yes. I can see that." I decide I should further investigate. "What's the emergency?" He replies, "Poor people." So... poor people are the emergency? "OH CRUD! POOR PEOPLE!!!! GET THE BOX!!"

"You mean people put money in the box so poor people can come to the health center?" He says, "Nungai" (translation: correct) So I make a suggestion: "How about you add '...for money for poor people'" (for lack of my fluidity of the language)

So now, in front of my health center, there lies a box which sayeth:

"Emergency Box for Money for Poor People"

Got it.

Talk to you soon,